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Innovation At New Heights: Revolutionising Gantries And Shipping Container Safety

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SHEARFORCE® products are designed and Made in Britain.  The company was set up to meet the needs of our customers who wanted good, safe engineering solutions to the issues they faced in the workplace, whether it be in the engine room of a ship, plant room in a building or maybe working on top of a temporary energy centre.  

Our motto is Adapt to Overcome 

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Our UK made, steel, highly portable gantry has a maximum safe working of 3000kg. This unique gantry can be erected in tight spaces due to the innovative design where the base can be offset through rotation by approximately 45 degrees 

The gantry can extend from 1.6m to 2.8m under the beam.  The safe working load is determined when you choose your beam size at the purchase point.  Its swivel wheels allow for ease of movement around the shop or the working environment once built.

Each side of the gantry system, weighing 63kgs, comes in its own self-contained robust, wipe down PVC bag that is easily handled by 2 persons. The bags have wheels at one end to assist in the movement in the workspace.

  • Better access than other gantries due to its design.
  • Rotating head means that the bases swivel around obstructions.  Unique.
  • Bases can be offset from each other.  Unique.
  • No point loading, reduced ground bearing pressure.
  • Quick assembly.
  • Installation by two persons.
  • Use on different height surfaces.
  • Wheel the built gantry through doorways.

ALUMINIUM GANTRY "Patent pending"

All the same features as the steel gantry but much lighter and improved access as all legs are adjustable.

black and white image of our steel gantry


When there is an alternative DO NOT rely on fall arrest to save your life, it may do but it may also result in a serious injury.

Our Container Collective Edge Protection System (ConCEPS) eliminates the risk of falling from the top of shipping containers.  Why access the top of a shipping container?  The roof space on containers can be used for extra storage, or may have air conditioning or other types of plant installed that require routine maintenance, there are many reasons why.  Why not take advantage of valuable space on your site!

ConCEPS is designed to fit to all four corners of shipping containers from 10' to 40'. The system is designed with 4 corner posts and 2 intermediate posts that should be used on containers of 20' and over.

The fall protection system has upper and intermediate level fall prevention ratchet straps to prevent falls.

When access to the edge is restricted due to installed plant or similar we offer a 3- piece post that hooks in to the top container lug and locks into the bottom container lug.  Therefore reducing the need to access the top of the container for even safer installation.  These can be fitted by one person at ground level.

This system is safety rated to EN795 and EN12195.

shipping container fall protection system