About Us | Lifting Gantry System Specialists


We are a team of professional people, fascinated with providing engineering solutions for our clients.  We provide advice on safety and human factors and how to best achieve positive outcomes with respect to projects whilst remaining inside a budget.  Our specialism is in lifting operations (cranes and other lifting equipment) but we also have a broad experience, allied to a good depth of knowledge in all working environments.

The engineering solutions we produce, have all been tried and tested in the field as they were either the only solution available or the best, most practical solution for task completion.  In addition to the advertised products, we also provide bespoke products where the client indicates a need.

We look to be innovative, cost effective and provide the highest quality in both service and provision.

Our team; thinks out of the box, are industrious and supportive.  Many thanks to them all....

The team believe in working smart, training hard and playing hard!  Our hobbies include building hot rods and choppers!!  Because we don't get enough of fabrication and coming up with new ideas ;-)


Shearforcepower Clothing

Our clothing line was an idea from a few of our clients and our friends in the sports of boxing and bodybuilding. They liked the link to our lifting gantry, the adaptability it has to resolve any appropriate problem. As in both sports, people need to overcome obstacles put in their way in order to achieve. So as trusted service providers, we did, what was asked of us. More clothing on its way....


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