Rotating Steel Gantry | Lightweight Portable Gantry 600 KG to 3000KG WLL


2m 3t
2m 1.5t
3m 1.8t
3m 1t
4m 1t
4m 600kg


Our UK made,  "UK patent No: GB2606690", steel, highly portable gantry has a maximum safe working of 3000kg. This unique gantry can be erected in tight spaces due to the innovative design where the base can be offset through rotation by approximately 45 degrees  

The gantry can extend from 1.6m to 2.8m under the beam.  The safe working load is determined when you choose your beam size at the purchase point.  Its swivel wheels allow for ease of movement around the shop or the working environment once built.

Each side of the gantry system, weighing 63kgs, comes in its own self-contained robust, wipe down PVC bag that is easily handled by 2 persons. The bags have wheels at one end to assist in the movement in the workspace.

  • Easier than any other 3t gantry for access due to its design.
  • Rotating head means that the bases swivel around obstructions.  Unique.
  • Bases can be offset from each other.  Unique.
  • No point loading, reduced ground bearing pressure.
  • Quick assembly. 
  • Installation by two persons. 
  • Use on different height surfaces.
  • Wheel the built gantry through doorways.
  • Easy to store in vehicles and racking.  

Additional features you can purchase:

Edit the name on the bag to your own name or logo. Unique.

If you require a more robust storage solution we can swap the PVC bag for a bespoke wooden box designed for forklift tangs.

Ideal for Plant rooms, Ship's engine rooms, roof top plant areas, tunnels but can be used anywhere, workshops etc etc in fact anywhere a standard gantry can work PLUS more.  

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