The Best Types Of Gantry To Use In A Confined Space Or Restricted Area

Confined space gantries are ideal for use in plant rooms,workshops/garages and other logistics spaces in which there are many areas of restricted access. A purposely designed confined space gantry allows for precise positioning and installation of heavy machinery, pumps, stock, and other equipment. 

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In this article, we’ll explain what you need to know about the different types of gantry:

1) Portable Steel Gantry

Portable A-frame steel gantries are an excellent option for teams that require a gantry that can be easily and quickly dismantled and relocated between sites. These gantries are designed to be lightweight yet sturdy. A standard portable gantry cannot be easily adapted to fit your specific needs and the space that your employees are working in.

2) Aluminium Gantry

Aluminium gantries are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. With its durability and naturally corrosion-resistant properties, aluminium gantries can withstand harsh weather and environmental conditions across a long working lifespan.

3) Adjustable-height Gantry

If you have varying materials that need to be lifted, an adjustable height gantry might be the best choice for you. Adjustable-height gantries typically feature a hydraulic or manual lift mechanism to adjust the height of the gantry to meet your specific lifting requirements, so are ideal in situations where you need to work in a confined area, but the height of your loads varies. 

4) Cantilever Gantry

A cantilever gantry has a single overhanging arm or beam extending over the workspace, so you can position the arm overhead to lift materials or objects. This maximises space efficiency and enables the gantry to reach beyond its own footprint, making it a good choice for tight or restricted areas

Rotating Aluminium Gantries From SHEARFORCE

When it comes to working in confined spaces, choosing the right gantry solution is essential. A good gantry, such as the types we have explored in this article, provides additional support and safety for workers when lifting heavy loads, and helps boost productivity.

At SHEARFORCE, we’ve designed a strong but lightweight aluminium gantry that can be used in all areas of restricted access - the base can be offset through rotation by approximately 40 degrees.

Rotating Steel Gantries from SHEARFORCE 

We have also designed a strong and sturdy yet still lightweight Steel gantry that can be used in all areas of restricted access - the Rotating head means that the bases swivel around obstructions AND the bases can be offset from each other, unique. This gantry also comes in its own bag for easy storage and transportation, another unique feature. 

To find out more about either gantry system, please contact our experienced team by clicking here.

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A lightweight, portable, rotating gantry used for confined spaces or restricted areas.