Exploring The Advantages Of Aluminium Gantries

There are two materials that are most commonly associated with gantries: steel and aluminium. The latter, in particular, is growing in popularity, with a number of practical reasons and features that make it stand out for effective operations. With that in mind, here is an overview of the advantages of aluminium gantries.


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A notable reason for choosing an aluminium gantry is that you want something lightweight and easy to move and store. Shearforce aluminium gantries can be stored and transported in regular vans. They are also very straightforward to assemble once you’re at your location.

Once you’ve reached the working area, the Shearforce aluminium gantry can be assembled by just two people, even in a tight space. The 35° degree rotating heads can be positioned entirely independently. This can make it much easier to work around unavoidable obstructions, such as concrete plinths.

Impressive Strength-to-weight Ratio

The Shearforce aluminium gantry system weighs less than 100 kg (16 stone) but has a maximum safe working load of 3000 kg. (The safe working load is determined when you choose your beam size). This means it is noticeably lighter than a steel gantry but still has comparable strength.

It’s also worth noting that Shearforce aluminium gantries are put through the same robust quality checks as the steel ones. As a result, they are every bit as reliable and trustworthy as their steel counterparts. It’s true that they are more expensive to purchase. They are, however, still very cost-effective over the long term.


Aluminium gantries are often used as temporary gantries, especially when the gantry needs to be set up and taken down quickly. This means that their versatility is a strong benefit. Just like their steel counterparts, Shearforce aluminium gantries can be used with a chain hoists and/or winches and pull lifts.

Next Steps

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A construction worker exploring the advantages of using an aluminium gantry on a construction site to lift heavy weights.