Why A Rotational Gantry Is A Smart Investment For Industry Use

Any portable industrial gantry is an investment purchase. This means you’ll need to be confident you’re getting the best value for their money. Achieving the right balance of cost, efficiency and safety for practical purposes is the aim, so opting for a Shearforce rotating gantry is the best option. Here are the three main reasons why.


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1. Long-term cost-effectiveness

There are two main factors that determine the cost-effectiveness of a gantry. The first is build quality, and the second is usability. https://www.shearforce.com/sites/default/files/2023-08/shearforce-text-cta.png

Build quality determines the length of time the gantry will perform reliably, while usability determines how much of your team’s time will be spent in setting up rather than the job itself.  Shearforce delivers in both areas. 

Shearforce rotational gantries are built in the UK and robustly quality-checked before being made available to clients. Our quality management system complies with the international standard ISO 9001:2015, and we are also UKAS accredited. The gantries conform to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC BS and EN795:2012 and BS EN 1993.

2. Excellent safety

The SHEARFORCE patented rotational gantries are engineered to meet and exceed the safety requirements set by UK and international regulators. Their reliability and user-friendliness also help to promote safety. 

For practical purposes, reliability means that a piece of equipment will consistently do what you expect it to do. This enhances the level of safety for those working on-site at all times. 

Similarly, user-friendliness and adaptability make the gantry more likely to be used appropriately. This also helps to enhance the safety of all involved when the gantry is in use.

Safety isn’t just a legal requirement; it has meaningful business benefits, too. For example, ensuring safe working practices exist and are followed helps reduce costly disruptions to work. It also helps to keep insurance costs down and morale up.

3. Designed for restricted spaces

As standard, your Shearforce patented rotating steel gantry comes with a wipe-down PVC holdall with multiple handles and wheels at one end. Alternatively, you can request a bespoke wooden box designed for forklift tangs. Either way, storing and transporting your gantry to your site is easy. The aluminium gantry is also collapsible but does not come in a box.

Your gantry can be moved around site using mechanical aids or it can roll on its own wheels once built, the aluminium gantry does not have wheels but can be carried over short distances by 2 persons. Once in the right area for work, it can be quickly set up, even on sloping surfaces or obstructions. The 35° rotating heads mean that the bases swivel around obstructions independently. Furthermore, Shearforce rotating gantries offer 8-point (aluminium) and no-point (steel)  loading. This means that there is reduced ground-bearing pressure over competitors.

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A black and orange steel rotational gantry made by Shearforce demonstrating why they are a smart investment for industry use.